The Wish


Click for more information on this titleBy Gail Carson Levine

Reviewed By Isabelle S.


Wilma Sturtz, an 8th grade girl has felt invisible at her Middle School, Claverford. When an old lady gives her one wish, Wilma wishes to be the most popular girl at Claverford. Her popular friends BeeBee, Nina and Ardis, are the ones who like her as a popular girl. After she graduates from Claverford, she doesnít know if she can keep the wish she made in high school. Her dog Reggie comforts her when she feels bad. Daphne and Suzanne (her unpopular friends) also have become her friends. Jared is her friend that also is the one that keeps Wilma comforted. Will Wilma keep her popularity in High School? Find out in The Wish.


I loved this book because it was filled with excitement and everything you would expect a great book to have. When I had to go to bed, I didnít want to put this book down. I hope you can enjoy this book as much as I did.