Rich girls (Confessions of a teen nanny book #2)

By: Victoria Ashton

Reviewed by Jamie S.


This is book number two of the Confessions of a Teen Nanny series. The main characters are Adrienne who is a beautiful sweet and caring teenager; Liz, a tough never give up kind of teen; Brian, a jockey and kind of shy guy; Parker, a famous teenager with a girlfriend [Liz]; and Cameron, a spoiled rich girl who loves to boss people around. The setting is in New York and Aspen. The book is mainly about 5 teenagers having trouble with life.Adrienne and Liz work in the same building and are nannies for 2 different families and things donít always go right for them. The problem is that Brian is going out with Cameron and the annual ball is coming up and Cameronís parents donít think he is ball material? Will Adrienne break them up in time? Liz and parker are having some trouble with their relationship and just not getting along because parker has a secret that he is not telling her. Will everyone break down? If you want to find out, read Confessions of a teen nanny: rich girls!


††††††††† My comments about the story are that it was a very interesting and breathe taking story. There was a lot of drama in the book. But the book was exiting and very detailed. I think the book is mysterious and funny. It was hard for me to finish the book because the book just pulls you in and takes you back into the time this happened. I think this book should be read by middle school kids in grades 6-8. Kids in middle school grades 6-8 would probably understand everything thatís happening in the story better than kids in 5th grade. After you read this one, the third book is called Juicy Secrets.