Thunder from the sea 

By, Joan Hiatt Harlow


Reviewed by, Kyle Salomone


In 1929 a boy named Thomas Campbell whose parents died of illness moved to live in a Mission orphanage in Grenfell. Tom then moved to Newfoundland to live with a fisherman and his wife. Tom wished for a real family, a real house and a real dog to play with Tom, and excite him. Tom wants Enoch and Fiona to adopt him so he could start a new life as Thomas Campbell Murray but will they adopt him?


Tom went fishing with Enoch and his neighbors Amos and Burt. Enoch and Amos arenít that much of friends and neither are Tom and Burt. Out at sea it starts to hale. When the hale died down it starts to downpour! As they are headed to shore Tom spots a black figure bobbing up and down in the ocean they turn around to rescue the thing. It was a dog. They put the dog on board and sailed to the shore. When they all got off the boat Tom noticed the dog had a thunderbolt on his chest. Later Tom named him Thunder!


One day Thunder was barking and tugging on Tom, so they ran into the front yard and Fiona was laying on the ground the doctor came and said Fiona was pregnant.


Then a tidal wave came in Thunder was tugging on everybody to get them to safety, but Amos thought Thunder was hurting everybody, so Amos shot Thunder with his. Tom screamed at Amos, because he was furious and sad.


My opinion of Thunder From the Sea is a dog lovers and an action lovers kind of book. You have no idea what is going to happen next. Itís always what you least expect!