Reviewed by Aleksandra W.



Click for more information on this titleA Dogís Life is about a dog named Squirrel and her brother Bone.Their mother was looking for a place to have her puppies and she goes in an old shed with chicken boxes that have cats in them.Their mother decides to have her puppies in a wheelbarrow.When she has her puppies only two were strong. The other two werenít strong enough and one died when it was born. Another one died after her mother nosed her out of the wheel barrow.†† When her mother was taking care of the two puppies she stays with them because she doesnít want the same thing to happen to them.†† But when their mother left the shed to get food, she was sort of scared of a fox named Grace and she had no idea of how dangerous that fox would be. Then one night their mother never showed up so they waited for her and waited and she didnít come back.


I like this book because itís very touching and itís about the hard life of a dog named Squirrel. I hope you like this book as much as I did, you will want to read it again and again.