Close Encounters of a Third-World Kind

by Jennifer J. Stewart

Reviewed by: Missy K.



     Close Encounters of a Third-world kind starts out about a twelve year old girl, Annie. Her and her family go to Nepal for medical camp for the next two months. She will help people who need some medical attention. Annie hates the idea she will never enjoy it. At Nepal she meets a girl named Nirmala. Then, her adventure will start.


    Annie is a nice, uptight and sometimes stubborn girl. She has brownish colored hair. She has bright blue eyes. Now, Nirmala is sort of a shy girl.

Chelsea, her little sister, and Annie do not get along. Chelsea is very stubborn if you ask me. Living in a different country sure is different.

     So what happens is Nirmala takes Chelsea and Annie on a trail. But they get lost on the way there. They can not find their way out. Will they ever get home? Will this be the end? To find this information out you should so read this book!!!!!


    This book was awesome. I would defiantly recommend you read this book. But it has some hard words so be careful. Well, at least to me, and I am a 5th grader. That I think is the only thing I did not like. So read this book!!!!!!!!!!!