Author Cynthia Kadohata

Reviewed by Emma M. 



        Cracker is about a German shepherd who first lived with a 12 year old boy named Willie.  Willie’s father worked a very good job and their family lived in a really nice town where even there mom felt safe. Then Willie’s dad got layed off from his job and had to work a new job with lower pay. Then Willie and his family moved to an apartment where there were no animals aloud! Willie and his family had one month to get rid of Cracker. Willie’s month was almost up so he was going to give poor Cracker to the pound. Then he heard that no dogs were getting into homes and dogs that didn’t get into homes in a certain amount of time got put down (killed), so he decided to keep looking for a home for Cracker.


     One day he was reading his own add in the newspaper, when he saw one next to his that said Looking for Dogs (German Shepherds’ and Labs).

Will Cracker come to trust his new owner? Will Cracker live or die? Read Cracker to find out!


      I absolutely loved this book because I love animals. It had so many details and it just made me feel as though I was Cracker or Willie. It won’t let you put it down. You have to just keep turning the pages. Everyone will love this book.