Midnight on the moon

By Mary Pope Osborne


Reviewed by Sarah Brochu


This story is about an 8 year old girl named Annie and 9 year old boy named Jack.In the story Jack and Annie find a tree house and they find out it belongs to Morgan Le Fa.They find out that the tree house is mysterious.Another thing in the story is Jack and Annie goes to the moon and gets the last of the four things.When they land on the moon they see a mouse named squeaky.When Jack and Annie go to the moon so did Squeaky.When Jack and Annie brought the last of the fourth things back to the mouse they take out the rest of the three Mís that go with the fourth other Mís.

I like this story because they go to the moon and they see a moon man flying down onto the moon.My opinion on this story is Jack and Annie goes to the moon because in science you get to learn about the moon and other planets in space.Midnight on the Moon is a good book because its adventure and its fiction.