Chasing the Falconers

(Book #1 On The Run Series)


by Gordon Korman

Reviewed by Tiffany F.



Chasing the Falconers is about Adien and Meg who are sent to Sunnydale farm, which is for juvenile delinquents, after their parents were sentenced to life in prison. Adien has some trouble with this boy named Miguel, a boy in for murder, who keeps threatening him. Adien and Meg have to escape to prove their parents innocent. While Adien was on cow watch with Miguel, Miguel says, “look at this place paper and hay all over this place with one match this whole dump burns” little did he know the whole sunny dale was up in flames. Meg was in her room while all the other girls painted their nails the fire spreads to the girl’s house and everyone gets out except Meg. Adien looks at all the girls fleeing out of the girl’s house. He does not see Meg. Adien goes in to get Meg while the house was on fire and collapsing while others ran away because the guards were distracted by the fire.


Will the runaways be killed, or caught? Will Meg survive the fire and if so will she and her brother find and free their parents from jail?


I liked this book because it was about adventure and drama. If you like action and Drama you won’t want to put this book down. It feels like you’re actually there with Meg and Aiden in this book.