MovieMaker & iTunes

Importing Songs Into MovieMaker from iTunes

Music from CD importing into iTunes:

In iTunes 1. Click on LIBRARY from the list of sources
2. Click on the EDIT menu at the top left of your screen
3. Click on PREFERENCES from the submenu
4. Click on the ADVANCED tab
5. Select "MP3 Encoder" from the IMPORT USING dropdown box
6. Right click on the song you want to convert
8. Right click on the song that you just converted to MP3 and choose copy (make sure you gave it enough time to finish converting beforehand)
9. Go to your folder on our school server
10. Right click on your Library Media class folder and select PASTE from the dropdown menu

In MovieMaker:
1. Select IMPORT AUDIO 2. Navigate to the song you just saved in your Library Media folder and click on IMPORT.