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Parts of a book


Students will become familiar with the parts of a book; learn how to use those parts to locate topics; and will learn how to determine the meaning of words used in a book.

    Students will learn...

  • How to identify the purpose of each part of a book
  • How to use a table of contents of a book to select relevant materials
  • How to use an index
  • How to find meanings of words using the glossary
  • How to find the copyright date of a book
  • How to use guide words
  • How to use an index
  • How to find meanings of words using the glossary
  • Materials:

    • Books containing table of contents, indexes, guide words and glossaries.
    • Book Part Worksheets


    • Display the major parts of a book
    • Demonstrate how to use a table of contents to find a chapter, index or gloassary
    • Demonstrate how to use a glossary
    • Demonstrate how to use an index to locate subjects and the pages in which they appear
    • Review online references

    Parts of a Book Vocabulary

    Title Page: Page at the fornt of a book that tells the name of the book and other information including the author and publisher.

    Copyright page (verso page): Is usually on the back side of the title page. It tells you when the book was copyrighted and published.

    Table of Contents: A listing of everthing contained in the book, which normally includes divisions/chapters, often with subtopics.

    Appendix: Added information about topics in the body of the book and is located at the back of a book. It may contain charts, tables, lists of resources, etc.

    Glossary: The glossary is located at the end of a book. It is located after the appendix, if there is one. It is an alphabetical list of words with definitions that are used in the book. Glossaries and dictionaries operate under the same rules. Guide words are used in some large glossaries.

    Guide Words: Are words printed at the top of a page in a dictionary, glossary and encyclopedia. Guide words are in alphabetical order and used to maximize searching. The left guide word shows the first entry on the page and the right guide word shows the last entry on the page.

    Index: A search tool. An index is an alphabetical list of names and subjects together with page numbers on which they appear in the text. It is the final part of a book.

    Chapters: Divisions of a book allowing the author to address a new subject or episode.

    Body: The main part of the book.

    Bibliography: A list of books and other resources used for writing a book, doing a report or other project. A bibliography includes the author, title, place of publication, publishing company, and the date published. It may also include the page number where information is found and the date a website was last updated and viewed. All materials are listed alphabetically according to the author's last name or the title.

    Reference Books