Website Evaluation

Anyone can create a webpage on the Internet and it is not regulated or monitored. Nobody is editing what is on the Internet unlike most print publications that are proofread and rejected if the information is not validated until it meets the standards of the publishing company. Documents can easily be copied with omissions and errors, or falsified.

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Cartoon used for academic discussion on website evaluation, research, citing sources, and copyright laws. It complies with the copyright law of the United States as defined and stipulated under Title 17 U. S. Code.

Steiner , Peter . "Cartoon Image." The Newyorker (Vol.69 (LXIX) no. 20) 5/7/1993: 61.
  • Authority:
    • Where is this information being published from?
      What can you determine from the URL ?
      http:// (hypertext transfer protocol) is a set of rules for transferring a file. Others (FTP, telnet, etc.) (domain name) the computer files location on the Internet.
      .edu (top domain) some top domains are .edu (education), .gov (government agency), .net (network), .com (commercial), .org (nonprofit). Some domains indicate country: us (United States), ca (Canada), uk (United Kingdom), au (Australia), jp (Japan), fr (France),
    • Is there an About page that tells about the author? My Library Rocks!
    • Is the author an expert? Look for an "About," "Who am I," and "Biography" page.
    • Is there a sponsor and is there links to the sponsor? 321READ!
      Is there information in the header, footer, or About page>
    • If so, is the sponsor reputable?
  • Accuracy:
    • Can the information be verified?
    • Are there typos?
  • Objectivity:
    • Is there advertising on the website?
    • Is the information presented biased; are both sides of the issue presented?
  • Currency:
    • When was the website last updated?
    • Do all the links on the page work?
  • Coverage:
    • How thorough is the information provided?
    • Are links provided for further research?