Countdown to Independence

Examines the people and events both in the American colonies and in Great Britain between 1760 and 1776 that led to the American Revolution.


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Making thirteen colonies

(History of US series)

Presents a history of colonial America between 1600 and 1740 including such topics as the Jamestown colony, the Mayflower, interaction with the natives, and important figures such as Benjamin Franklin, Roger Williams, and more.


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Historical Maps

Presents approximately 300 historical maps devoting approximately one third to the U.S., covering such topics as early Native American populations, ratification of the Constitution, slavery, and presidential elections.


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Historical Atlas of the United States

Presents a historical atlas of the United States and contains dozens of maps, comprehensive map index, historic photographs, time lines, and examines important subjects and events of American history.


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Atlas Definition:

A book or collection of maps, sometimes with supplementary illustrations and graphic analysis


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