How you Will be Graded

Rubric for Assessment: Integrated Problem Solving Model

Based on Big6™ copyright 1990, Michael Eisenberg and Robert Berkowitz.



20 pts Application

15 pts Demonstration

10 pts Understanding

5 pts Awareness

Big6Skill #1

Define Task

Determine a purpose and need for information—What am I supposed to do?

Articulates a clear, complete understanding of most of
assignments/problems by using worksheet and asking good questions.


Demonstrates understanding of most of assignments or problems by using worksheet effectively.


Shows vague, unfocused understanding of the assignment or problem.

Is aware of assignment/problem, but is not asking questions.

Big6Skill #2

Develop Information Seeking Strategies

What books and resources can I use for this project?

Used at least three print and three non-print resources.


Used at least two print and two non-print resources.


Used print and non-print resources


Used print or non-print resources

Big6Skills #3

Locate, access, information; and write a bibliography

Where can I find these resources?

Notes include all information for proper MLA citation style.

All sources written down  carefully and completely

Notes include all information for proper MLA citation style;

Most sources written down and/or missing some information

Notes include most information for proper MLA citation style. Few sources OR incomplete

Notes did not include information for proper MLA citation style.    Few sources written down and incomplete

Big6Skills #4   What can I use from these resources?


Complete bibliography in alphabetical order; accurate; three sentences explaining how/why the source is important after each source.

Bibliography has some small errors but includes all sources.

Missing either a source, alphabetical order or accuracy

Missing two or more sources, alphabetical order or many inaccuracies

Big6Skill #5

Synthesize and present the information

What project can I create to show what I've learned?

Completely explained research on one page of MSWord.   No spelling or grammar errors, organized and clear to understand

Mostly explained research on MSWORD.   Minor spelling/grammar errors or slightly disorganized.

Partially explained research.   Minor spelling/grammar errors or slightly disorganized

incomplete Significant spelling/grammar errors and  disorganized

Big6Skill #6

Evaluate Process and Product

How will I know I did my job well?

Evaluates the product and problem-solving process and gives reasons
without assistance.


Evaluates the product and problem-solving process and gives reasons
with assistance.

Understands the evaluation process but gives few reasons even with assistance.

Completes the assignment but can't give reasons for the errors in the product and problem solving process.



Bonus for perfect score on CMT-style questions.   40 points possible.