1. Think of all the words that would always appear on the perfect page. Put those in the WITH ALL THE WORDS field.

2. The ability to search for phrases can be extremely useful. Put phrases in the EXACT PHRASE field.

3. If there's a term with synonyms, either of which might appear on the page, put them in the WITH AT LEAST ONE OF THE WORDS field.

4. Put words that might show-up to eliminate unwanted pages in the WITHOUT field.


WITH ALL: Bill of Rights, First Amendment, consitution

EXACT PHRASE: Bill of Rights, First Amendment

WITH AT LEAST ONE: Amendment, Constitution, First

WITHOUT:  Library, 10, second, third, forth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth






use a keyword or idea, be specific

“Bill of Rights”


use a phrase, question, or string of ideas.

“First Amendment”


use capitals only for proper nouns. Avoid plurals.


AND, +, &

include both words

Constitution AND “Bill of Rights”

OR, |

include either word

“First Amendment” OR “Bill of Rights” AND constitution

NOT, -

exclude this word

“Bill of Rights” NOT Library NOT second AND “First Amendment”


all, but this word

“Bill of Rights” AND NOT Library


similiar to this word, good for misspellings

NEAR sculpture


wildcard, include plurals and close matches

“First Amendment”*

" "

looks for things in quotations

"Bill of Rights"

use lowercase letters

upper case can limit your search

"bill of rights"

title:, t:

to find the word in the title of the page

title: constitution

url:, u:

the word in URL

u: firstamendment