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RSD17 2019-2020 Board of Education Approved Revised Budget - 5/21/2019

District Restructuring Information - Documents Updated 3/21/2019


Student Services
Staff & Faculty

Student Services Office
Kris Lindsay Director of Student Services
Tonya Gorgone Special Education Coordinator
Beth LiPuma Secretary

Samantha Ward HKHS
Nicole Tucker HKMS
Lori Kenney BES
Eileen Ulizio HES
Nancy Chase KES

Catherine DeLuca HKHS
Susan Speir HKMS
Holly White HES
Julie Wessinger BES
Sean Collins KES
Dayleen Nelson District

Speech/Language Pathologist
Laurie Kumnick HKHS/KES
Sue Anziano BES Pre-K
Nancy Lavriha-Smith BES/HKHS

Adina Johnson BES/HES
Megan Williams MS/KES

Stacie Boyd District
Dana Kalksma District
Kristin Powers Program Specific

Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Mandy Grass District

School Counselor
Darren Myers HKHS
Alex Stone HKHS
Emily Baerlein HKHS
Rachel Pac HKHS
Alan Fortin HKMS
Rebecca Degnan HKMS
Wendy Scoppa HKMS

Social Worker
Kerry Smith HKHS
Tara Bartlett HKMS

Special Education Teachers
Kelly Brown HKHS
Nancy McGee HKHS
Holly Nicoletti HKHS
Leah Ann Portley HKHS
Paula Warner HKHS
Abby Magee HKHS
Mary Kate Almeida HKHS
Ryan Fraser HKHS
Jessica Petrus HKMS
Michael Erdmann HKMS
Sally Aiello HKMS
Rebecca Reinhold HKMS
Suzanne Chamberlain HKMS
Andrea Monnes HKMS
Lisa Castlevetro HKMS
Kaitlyn Sunderland HKMS
Meegan Donadio HKMS
Rachel Fox BES
Jennifer Treubig BES
Rebecca Templeton BES
Jessica DeAngelo BES
Sarah Sportelli BES
Tania Shaw HES
Sharon Pallatto HES
Angela Bartelli KES
Summer Distefano KES
Jamie Beckman KES
Lindsey Meyer District