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Haddam-Killingworth Hall of Fame

The Haddam-Killingworth Hall of Fame was established in 2009 to honor individuals from both communities who display an exemplary commitment to the service of children, and/or show an outstanding record of service to their community. Nominations are submitted between November and January and reviewed by the Hall of Fame Committee, which selects the final group of inductees. They are honored at an induction dinner held in the spring.


Haddam-Killingworth Hall of Fame Inductees

Elizabeth (Lisa) Malloy
Paul A. Kelly
Mack Stewart
Raul de Brigard
Mark Clifton
Linda M Dudek
Candace Casale
John Coggins
Thomas Lentz
Wayne Lepard
Edward Munster
Michelle Ouellette
Katrin Walton
Cathy Brutzman
Howie Burr
John Byrne
Linda Kauffman
Charlie Smith
Lisa Wiese
Rick Annino
Ron Annino
Nancy Bradley
Raymond Dennis
William Fitzpatrick
Elaine Jackson
Claudette Sirois
Gayle Byrne
Dan Colonia
Al Deag
Carol Dupuis
Glenn Johnson
Hilary Kumnick
Eric Auer
James Daniels
Philip Devlin
Ronald Jubinville
Diana Link
Linda Symmes
Marsha Brielmann
Shelly Cumpstone
Frank Cunningham
Susan Dean
Tim Gannon

Marjorie DeBold
Robert Duval
Thomas Thompson

Robert Baranoff
Michael Kish
Frank Sparks

Mark Brookes
Richard Dupuis
Patsy Kamercia
Richard Langer
Dennis O'Rourke

Student Civic Achievement
Award Poster

Student Civic Achievement

Selection Committee

Howie Burr, Chairman
Tommy Thompson, Vice Chairman
Elaine Jackson, Secretary
Shelly Cumpstone
Carol Dupuis
Dick Dupuis

Robert Duval
Tim Gannon
Tom Lentz
Charlie Smith
Trin Walton

Planning Committee

Pamela Hensel
Joanne Nesti
Sharon Shettleworth