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Project Graduation 2019

The HKHS Project Graduation 2018/2019 Committee is seeking your help this year for our 29th year of Project Graduation. Are you looking for a way to give back to your town? Come join our committee, we meet the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7pm in the Lower Media Center of the high school. We are seeking parents of students, community members, past graduate parents. You don’t need to be able to attend all our meetings to be on the committee.

Our Committee for 2018-2019:

Project Graduation Co-Chairs - Liz Grisowld, Marci Marciniec, Diane Phipps, and Paige Wink
Secretary - Pam McManus
Treasurer - Kathy Hinds
Direct Mail/Postal Patron - Jen Liptak
Invitations – Dina Grimaldi and Christy Manley
Publicity – Jessica Jackson
Entertainment- Julie Yepes, Shanti Carler, and Val Williams
Thank You Notes - Cary Cassidy
Food – Theresa Malone, Dana Henry, Heather Lonergan, and Katie Bodak
Chaperones - Erin Chester
Decorations - Jenn Ackerman
Prizes – Liz Griswold
Fundraising - Ernie Pizutto and Leslie Curry
Butterbraids- Pam McManus
Departure Survey -
Clean up- Jen Hedges -
Other Contacts - Jen Christopher and Bini Freeman

If you are interested in joining any of these committees, please contact Liz Griswold at egriswold6@comcast.net. We are looking for lots of volunteers to help out on our Projection Graduation 2018/2019 Committee.

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