The last day of school and the graduation date for Region 17 Schools has been set for June 22, 2018.

District Restructuring Information

BES Staff & Faculty

Front Office
Eric Larson Principal
Cindy Sadlowski Principal's Secretary
Dawn Macleod Secretary/ Bookkeeper
Lori Kenney Nurse

Academic Support
Carmella Kowaleski Literacy Coach  
Kristin Menard Literacy Support  
Kimberly Goodison Math Coach and Support

Special Services
Jessica DeAngelo Special Ed Teacher
Rebekah Templeton Special Ed Teacher
Summer Distefano Special Ed Teacher
Sue Anziano Speech and Language Pathologist
Nancy Lavriha-Smith Speech and Language Pathologist
Julie Wessinger School Psychologist
Stacie Boyd Physical Therapist
Kristen Powers Occupational Therapist
Adina Johnson L.E.A.P

Building Staff
David Shramek Head Custodian - Day
Holly Stange Night Custodian
Mike Stange Night Custodian
Linda Hansen Head Cook / Cafeteria
Cindy Klein Cafeteria

Judy Ellis Kindergarten Paraeducator
Eva Lamb Kindergarten Paraeducator
Kathleen King SPED Paraeducator
Jennifer Sorrentino SPED Paraeducator
Margaret D'Aquila SPED Paraeducator
Dorie DonVito SPED Paraeducator
Joann Talbot SPED Paraeducator
Darcy Agro SPED Paraeducator
Lisa Lamontagne SPED Paraeducator
Linda Brencher SPED Paraeducator
Pam Gersz SPED Paraeducator
Shelly Thompson SPED Paraeducator
Sheila Johnson SPED Paraeducator
Lisa Stankiewicz SPED Paraeducator
Lisa Wiese SPEDParaeducator

Jennifer Treubig  
Rachel Fox

Becky Aithal  
Katie Burt  

First Grade
Melissa Blasiak
Angie Kulmann
Patricia Zeidler

Second Grade
Annie Atwood
Rebecca Harkin

Third Grade
Kathleen Egan
Laura Lenahan
Jodi Stupakevich  

Fourth Grade
Heather Barse
Rebecca Rodbourn
Kenneth Talbot

Unified Arts
Juliann Bacewicz Library Media Specialist
Christine Salzano Library Media Specialist
Terrie Shimoda Library Media Coordinator
Jay Granucci Art Teacher
Alexis Kelsey Art Teacher
Amy Stern Music Teacher
Anthony Bergantino Physical Education Teacher