The last day of school and the graduation date for Region 17 Schools has been set for June 22, 2018.

District Restructuring Information

HES Staff & Faculty

Front Office
Brienne Whidden Principal
Suzanne Hall Principal's Secretary
Donna Kana Secretary
Eileen Ulizio Nurse

Academic Support
Donna Jones Literacy Support  
Judy Nacca Literacy Coach  
Deb Slowik Math Support
Heather Rigatti Math Coach

Special Services
Lindsey Meyer Special Ed Teacher
Tania Shaw Special Ed Teacher
Patricia McCay Speech and Language Pathologist
Holly White School Psychologist
TBD Elementary School Counselor
Adina Johnson L.E.A.P

Building Staff
Gary Forbes Head Custodian - Day
Colin Brookes Custodian
Peter Rommel Custodian
Heather Strom Head Cook / Cafeteria

Heather Lonergan Paraprofessional
Annmarie Pinone Paraprofessional
Maryann Stein Paraprofessional
Noreen Granucci Paraprofessional
Denise Buckley Paraprofessional
Eliza Burke Paraprofessional
Sandra Frazier Paraprofessional

Kelly Smedley
Paige Boudreau
Jennifer LaCoss

First Grade
Brandee James
Charlene Reynolds

Second Grade
Erin Drejer
Diana McKenzie

Third Grade
Celeste Formica
Pamela Rich

Fourth Grade
Kim Gray
Christopher Snow

Unified Arts
Christine Salzano Library Media Specialist
Sharon Tyler Library Media Coordinator
Jill MacDiarmid Physical Education Teacher
Kurt Burkle Physical Education Teacher  
Jay Granucci Art Teacher
Kelly Johnson Music Teacher