Board of Education

Regional School District 17 Board of Education

Educational Philosophy

Statement of Philosophy

We believe it is imperative to develop a community of learners by offering comprehensive, vigorous and contemporary instructional programs and services imparted by highly trained, dedicated and caring professionals with the support of parents and citizens. Recognizing that individuals represent the most valuable resource of our school district, we stand committed to creating and maintaining a culture and climate that supports learning for all.

We are dedicated to effectively prioritizing and being held accountable for the allocation of human, financial and physical resources of the school district to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of all programs and services.

Adopted by the Region 17 Board of Education: August 3, 2011

The members of the Board of Education are local residents charged by Connecticut law to oversee school district educational programs. They are elected by district citizens to represent them in setting policies and staff members to carry out district policies and objectives. School board members are volunteers who serve without pay for a four-year term. The board conducts monthly business and committee meetings as listed in the calendar. Regional School District 17 community members are invited to attend Board of Education meetings.

Regional School District 17 Board of Education
Core Values

Public Education is a right

Every student has potential

Quality teaching is essential to learning

Student success is a shared responsibility

Alignment and teamwork are powerful

Critical thinkers make informed decisions

School is a safe place

Sustainability secures our future