Celebrating Unprecedented Academic Growth

RSD17 has experienced many remarkable academic achievements, as the district surpassed expectations in both the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC*), the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS**), the SAT and more. Since 2019, students have shown continuous improvement, outpacing not only the District Reference Group (DRG) but also emerging as leaders among competitive schools across Connecticut.


Noteworthy Accomplishments:


  • For the second consecutive year, Burr Elementary School has earned The School of Distinction honor from the State of Connecticut, standing out as a beacon of academic excellence.

  • Killingworth Elementary School achieved a perfect School Performance Index, a testament to the dedication and hard work of both students and educators.

  • Haddam-Killingworth Intermediate and Middle Schools have exhibited noteworthy growth, propelled by achievements on the SBAC.

  • The high school has reached unprecedented heights, securing a position in the top 10 schools in the state of Connecticut for English Language Arts SAT scores. Moreover, the math SAT scores placed the high school in the top 20 statewide.

  • Science achievement at the high school ranked #8 in the state among all Connecticut high schools on the NGSS assessment. The middle school also made significant achievements in science.

  • HKHS students earned 322 college credits through advanced classes.

  • In addition to academic triumphs, students across the district have demonstrated commendable progress in PE fitness scores.

  • Currently, 87% of all high school students are either a member of a co-curricular club or participate in a high school sport. This is an extraordinary rate that shows great community inclusion at HKHS.


Strategic Planning that Drives Success:


At the heart of RSD17’s success lies a strategic plan that has guided the district toward excellence. In 2021, the Board of Education and educational leaders designed this plan as a comprehensive roadmap that prioritized student achievement and teacher development. Recognizing the crucial role of resources in student and teacher growth, RSD17 made strategic investments aligned with the district’s strategic plan.


Professional development initiatives were implemented to ensure that educators stayed abreast of the latest teaching practices and incorporated innovative teaching methods into their classrooms. This commitment to continuous learning has translated directly into the impressive improvements seen in SBAC and NGSS scores.


The community investment in Science of Reading student materials and staff professional development yielded outstanding returns on investments this past year.


A key aspect of the district’s success was a renewed commitment to data-driven decision-making. Regular assessments and analysis of student performance data allowed educators to identify areas of improvement and tailor teaching strategies accordingly. By leveraging real-time information, educators were able to address individual student needs, leading to improved overall performance.


* The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) is a computer-based assessment system designed to gauge student proficiency in English Language Arts and Mathematics. Administered annually, the SBAC evaluates students’ understanding of key concepts, critical thinking skills, and ability to apply knowledge to real-world situations.


** Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) represents a forward-thinking approach to science education, emphasizing hands-on learning, critical thinking, and the application of scientific principles.