If a student needs to take medication during the school day, the school nurse must have a signed medication authorization form from the physician.  This form must include the name of the medication, the dosage of the medication, time of administration and duration of administration.  This is required for all medication including over the counter preparations.  The medication must be in the original labeled bottle with the name of the student also on the bottle. All medication (even over-the-counter preparations) MUST be delivered to the nurse by an ADULTPlease remember that you CANNOT send in any medications with your child.     Please do not put your child at risk for a referral for a violation of our drug and alcohol policy.    The exception to this rule are those students who have written authorization from their physician and permission from the school nurse to self carry an epi pen or asthma inhaler.

Forms for the authorization of medicines by school personnel are available in all school health offices or can be downloaded from the Forms link on the health service website.