Work Based Learning Program


In a significant stride toward preparing students for the workforce, RSD17 is proud to announce the launch of a Work-Based Learning Program. Enthusiastic grade 12 students are seizing the opportunity to gain real-world job skills through after-school internship placements with local employers.

The program has ignited a wave of excitement within the high school community, and the district anticipates substantial growth in the coming months. As part of this initiative, RSD17 is actively seeking partnerships with local businesses willing to engage students in paid or unpaid internships. It's a win-win situation for businesses looking to nurture motivated individuals, contribute to the community, and shape the next generation of skilled workers.

"The internship greatly benefits me and my future career,” said Keira, an intern at Masonicare Chester. “It has helped me learn more about the field of physical therapy and has given me a first-hand perspective of what I can expect."

The Work-Based Learning Program aims to empower students by offering valuable career exploration opportunities. Student interests play a pivotal role in selecting internship placements, ensuring a meaningful and engaging experience for each participant. This collaborative effort between the school district and local businesses not only equips students with essential work-ready skills but also fosters a sense of community engagement and investment in the future workforce.

"My internship is learning everything I can about how to run a shop-based business from the first point of contact with the customer to the last point," said Bryce, a student intern at Madison Motors located in Killingworth.

“I have learned the basics of how circuit boards are made. I have helped work around problems such as figuring out how to fit an air hose in a tight space. I have learned better communication skills,” said Eric who is interning at SensorWorx in Wallingford. “The part that meant the most was the problem solving. I'm really excited to do this internship."

Businesses interested in participating are encouraged to contact Dr. Corey Borzain, HKHS Internship Coordinator at or 860-554-1324 and seize this opportunity to make a lasting impact on the lives of students while enriching their own workforce with fresh talent.